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PAD-IQ supports Podiatry and Endovascular Partnership

  • Posted on:  Tuesday, 14 July 2015 19:35
  • Written by 

Please read the joint practice memo from APMA and SVS in the March 2015 issue of APMA News: Building Effective Partnerships between Vascular Surgeons and Podiatrists in the Effective Management of Diabetic Foot Ulcers. The Society for Vascular Surgery (SVS) has approved membership for podiatrists in the same category as other physicians who are not vascular surgeons (e.g., cardiologists). This recognition of podiatrists in a physician category speaks to the outstanding relationship APMA has built with SVS and the extensive education the association has conducted among other health care professionals to underscore podiatrists’ education, training and experience

Identification of lower extremity vascular disease and appropriate vascular testing based on clinical findings are an integral part of the education of podiatric physicians. Podiatric physicians are often the physicians that first identify vascular abnormalities in a patient. Podiatric physicians complete rotations with vascular surgery as both podiatric medical students and podiatric physician residents. The performance and interpretation of vascular testing, including non-invasive vascular testing, is part of the curriculum at colleges of podiatric medicine and is identified as one of the competencies to be achieved during the three-year podiatric medicine and surgery residency. 

Endovascular interventionists and podiatric specialists both provide care for patients suffering from diabetic foot ulcerations and critical limb ischemia.  PAD-IQ supports both of these specialist’s unique roles in decreasing major and minor amputations and saving lives.

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