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Because "time is tissue", put Sensilase PAD-IQ Studycast to work for your patients.

Studycast - Cloud Diagram

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Accurate identification of PAD/CLI and timely interpretation of patient test results can streamline patient therapy.  PAD-IQ Studycast assists physicians and healthcare providers in that endeavor.  PAD-IQ Studycast provides rapid transmission of diagnostic tests to your preferred vascular specialist for interpretation of results and medically indicated therapeutic intervention.

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How Studycast Works

  • Connects multidisciplinary physicians in the diagnosis and treatment of patients with PAD/CLI
  • Electronically sends test results through a HIPAA-compliant secure network for review/consult/interpretation by and between primary care and specialists (vascular, wound, etc.).
  • Provides early and accurate identification of patients with PAD/CLI
  • Speeds interpreted test results and treatment recommendations to the primary care provider
  • Expedites patient referrals for those requiring vascular therapy
  • EMR and HL7 compatible


Advantages to medical practice and payors include:

  • Combination testing (ABI/PVR/SPP) supports diagnosis and management of Peripheral Arterial Disease and Critical Limb Ischemia (PAD/CLI).
  • Solution (SPP/PVR) for testing patients who have calcified arteries (common in diabetes and CKD/ESRD).
  • Solution (SPP/PVR) for patients who are post-interventional procedure, i.e. stent placement, arterial bypass graft where ankle or other segmental compression can be contraindicated
  • Solution (SPP/PVR) for patients who are post lower extremity (ankle level) interventional procedure, i.e., ankle level arterial bypass graft, ankle pressures may be contraindicated
  • Angiosome-specific testing (SPP) with few site restrictions allow measurements on digits, dorsum/plantar foot, ankle, calf, lower thigh
  • Cloud-based data import/export/documentation
  • A comprehensive assessment and data management platform that supports multiple peripheral vascular tests (ABI/SPP/PVR), Vascular Risk Worksheet, Wound Morphology Worksheet and more.